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J.C. Murphey

Dark Fantasy Author

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Latest News!

Don't Fear The Reaper will be a part of the Indieverse Awards Group Sale running May 31st-June 2nd! Tons of up-and-coming indie authors will be participating, so don't miss the chance to get some great deals on new books!

Check out the Indieverse Awards website for more details, and follow them on Instagram to keep track of all the fun events they have going on!

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New Release

Dorianne Grey
(publishes 5/31/24)

A bitter betrayal. A reluctant ally. An undeniable attraction.

When Dorianne Grey is betrayed by her old coven and her sister, she makes a deal with the devil... or something like it. If she hosts a horde of demons, she gets to return to the land of the living. Using her powers for good, she helps solve horrifying sacrificial murders committed by those craving more power. Content in her solitary existence, her quiet world is shaken by the entrance of Investigator Theo Slater.

Dissatisfied with a relationship of passing notes through a door with his witch consultant, Theo takes things a step further by breaking Dorianne's wards and entering her home. His interest in her continues to grow even with her demons nearly killing him.

Will Dorianne let Theo in and truly rejoin the land of the living, or will she continue to ward herself against his advances as
danger arrives on her doorstep?

Trigger warnings: explicit sex scenes, gory depictions of murder/crime, profanity, self-harm


Don't Fear the Reaper
(published 12/11/23)


Life as a college student is hard. It’s even harder for Victor Rexford when a cult brings about the end of days via a botched summoning, and he happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fortunately—or maybe unfortunately—Victor catches the eye of the Grim Reaper during this particular ritual, becoming further embroiled in an epic fight between supernatural entities. She needs him as a host to remain on Earth to exorcise the demons, and he needs to grow a spine.

Over 100 years later, the world is an apocalyptic wasteland filled with humans possessed by demons and mutated into monstrous forms. Vincent, one of the few remaining mortal humans, is sent out by his father and camp leader to find others to" join his flock." Instead, Vincent sets his eyes to the north of their humble camp in old Pennsylvania, following an irresistible pull.

What is he searching for? Who is calling to him from every shadow? And why is she so… sad?

Vincent will find that Death is not always the end.

Trigger warnings: profanity, suicide ideation, drug abuse

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